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as dudes, we’ve all been in a relationship with a chick where your sex life crossed paths with a digital camera or camcorder. This site was made for all you dudes out there who know what i’m talking about and have filmed theselves fucking at one time or another. Did your save the footage? Well, this is where you can get the ultimate revenge... post a pic or video of her tits, pussy.... or if you were lucky enough to make a sex tape.. post that shit right here for the ultimate PWNAGE!!!! Or just spread the love of the world and show everyone your fucking abilities! Make sure to tell all of your friends.
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submitted by: Dugout
date: | type: Pictures
before Hos. This chick will be all cool to you and your friend but all of a sudden she is in the middle of your shit.
submitted by: HerTutor
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
I wanted Brit for months and she says no. Then she needs a math tutor and I trade my help - for her mouth. HAH
submitted by: BusterCherry
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
I was her first but I definitely wont be her last. This is Cammy, the whore that broke my fucking heart!
submitted by: CamaroNick
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Darla is a lil' chick who makes great eye contact when she is on your dick but beware she bites!
submitted by: Dipster
date: 06/13/24 | type: pictures
Her name is Chrissy and I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. The bitch has got it coming….”
submitted by: SpitNChicklets
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
She figured she was special because I was her first. I figured she was special because she never gagged
submitted by: Guinness
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Dark haired Irish girls are all I'm into but Kelly is one I wish I never met in the first place.
submitted by: AloneAgain
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
I feel bad posting this….. NOT! Borat is the fucking best! Watching that movie was almost as much fun as fucking her.
submitted by: L33tster
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
The really sexy girl dates a nerd and thinks he doesn’t know it will end eventually. I guess she forgot nerds...
submitted by: Capt. Dan
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
What happens in Vegas stays in vegas until the bitch starts calling your house and leaving messages for your wife.
submitted by: Asshole Kenny
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Lara was my friend Kenny's sister. He stabbed me in the back so now you get to see his sister suck me off.
submitted by: Snowstorm
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
I helped Sara out when her car was stuck on the side of the road. Then the bitch goes and fucks my cousin!
submitted by: Beachcomber
date: | type: Pictures
This was one of the coolest chicks I met the whole time I was working on boats. She had a busted outboard and I FIXED
submitted by: 2DrinkMinimum
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
She acts like she is a prude but get two drinks in Dawn and she'll even let you ass fuck her.
submitted by: 9ersFan
date: | type: Pictures
Holy Shit this girl could suck it better than anyone but she could not shut the fuck up during football games.
submitted by: Graduate
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
You ALWAYS thought you were so much smarter than me. Feeling smarter now Laura?! Oh yeah, I graduated!
submitted by: Crixpy
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Lia has a nasty temper. I dumped her by phone to skip all the bullshit drama she gets off on.
submitted by: DeskJockey
date: | type: Pictures
I was having sex with this girl for more than two years and when I tell her I want to end it she goes and tells her...
submitted by: YankyCranky
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Silvia may be a paid whore but she is twice the woman you'll ever be Sophia and she SWALLOWS!
submitted by: StepOff
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Brazilian girls like Wanda think they are all that but you know they aint just like I know it.
submitted by: UpTheAss
date: | type: Pictures
I put this girl’s ass up there with any girl you can name. Smooth and sweet, jiggles when you smack it. Damn.
submitted by: Beamer
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
Rhonda spent last semester serving as our Frat Mattress. The girl will do anything for a cold beer
submitted by: Hurricane
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
If she said one more time how cute Vince Vaughn was she was gonna make me put my fucking hand through a wall
submitted by: Igraine
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
Her and her camera. I told her to! She always took 200 pics anywhere we went and now they are all coming back at her.
submitted by: Nascar3
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
If you get a ride on this girl you may want to kick the tires.Half the guys I know fucked her.
submitted by: MoneyMan
date: 06/13/24 | type: video
As long as the money rolls in Karen is a great gal, soon as you hit hard times she ditches you like it was nothing.
submitted by: 300Game
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
"I’ve been bowling my whole life and I have never found a girl looser than a 7-10 split like this one.
submitted by: SheWasACunt
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
She was a cunt the moment I met her. She never got any better. I kept hoping her personality would end up as sweet.
submitted by: YourMom
date: 06/13/24 | type: Pictures
You guys can all fuck off. Im not putting Karina up on here for you to enjoy, Im doing it so she can suffer the way.
submitted by: Bronco
date: | type: video
Sally was my highschool sweetheart. We were together for 8 years. I should have dumped her a long time ago.


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